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Anel Sport

Anel Sport


Thermal Area


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Anel Sport

The sport center is the perfect place to rejuvenate from the stress of urban life.

Treat and immerse yourself in elegance and a special kind of luxury.

Sunlight, wood, stone and water are combined with works of some of the most renowned representatives of Bulgarian fine art.

Anel Sport is located in heart of Sofia and on area of 400 square meters it houses a fitness center, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, infrared sauna, salt sauna, steam bath and a selection of massages and therapies.

Our experienced staff will help you revitalize and reenergize your body in a world of relaxation, harmony and beauty.

All the facilities and fitness center can be used by both guests of the hotel and by people not staying at the hotel.

Anel Sport accepts:

Multisport and Andjoy customers can use one of the following services free of charge per day: fitness, swimming pool and Jacuzzi, sauna, infrared sauna, salt sauna or steam bath and also will receive a 10% discount on all massages and therapies.

All users of “andjoy” (Sodexo Sport Pass) can now attend Water Aerobics classes for free!

* MultiSport cards do not include Water Aerobics.


Anel Sport is open:

Monday to Friday: from 7:30 a.m. till 9:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday and public holidays: from 9:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m.
For more information, please contact Anel Sports on: +359 2 9119 961 or by E-mail on:


The fitness has been professionally designed and it incorporates the atmosphere of the hotel and brings safety and comfort to all its guests.

It is fitted out with Technogym equipment – a symbol of Italian design, luxury and innovation. In the fitness you find all that is needed for a fulfilling training session.

Swimming Pool

The pool is not only a calm and pleasant place to relax and unwind, but also the perfect way to exercise. Swimming helps you work on all muscular groups harmoniously, strengthens joints, has a positive effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular system and develops the immune system.

The impressive 18 meter swimming pool at Hotel Anel is perfect refuge for the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This oasis in the heart of Sofia with its turquoise waters, Venetian bridge, warm and artistic interior and elegant atmosphere is the perfect place to relax and will turn you training session into a truly pleasurable experience.

With the help of our staff your child can learn how to swim or continue building on what has already been learned. We offer both starter and intermediate swimming individual and group lessons.

Group lessons schedule:

Monday and Wednesday – 16:30

Tuesday and Thursday – 17:00

Saturday and Sunday – 16:00

For more information please contact us on: +359 2 9119 961

Effective and enjoyable alternatives for those that do not know how to swim or are looking for something different are the Water Aerobics classes.

*Please note that the swimming pool cannot be used during Water Aerobics classes.

*Also please note that a swimming cap is required when using the pool. There different option on sale at our reception desk.

The price for one visit is 12.00 BGN. A one month card for 8 visits is 84.00 BGN

All users of “andjoy” (Sodexo Sport Pass) can now attend Water Aerobics classes for free!

* MultiSport cards do not include Water Aerobics.

At Anel Sport you can enjoy and relax in the sauna, infrared sauna, salt sauna, steam bath and unwind in the stylish relaxation area.


The salt sauna is dry space with temperature between 80-90°С and enriched with negative ions.  When using the sauna your body temperature will rise and blood circulation is enhanced leading to bettering of the overall physical being and the body’s ability to withstand stress.

The salt sauna helps the body get rid of toxins through sweat and relaxes and relieves aching muscles. The Himalayan salt clears the body of harmful bacteria and is very effective in helping with colds. Whilst using the salt sauna the body will absorb minerals such as potassium, magnesium and iodine.

At Anel Sport you can find a varied selection of massages and therapies for both the face and body.Treat your sense and relax in the hands of our professional therapist and let them lead you to a world of tranquility, harmony and beauty. Enjoy different massages, which will decrease your stress and revitalize your body.